Mock Group Discussion Group Discussion


I completely lost my hope of getting placed, all my friends were placed, some classmates had much lower cgpa than me, neither did they ever code, still they were placed, I was shattered, You guys are my God.

Aditi Priya Singh DEVELOPER at TCS Digital

Please pass on my thanks to Sweta mam, She called me and asked why I could not speak a word, she guided me as my sister. Happy Rakshabandhan di.

Shivam Verma UI DESIGNER

Sourabh sir interrupted and gave the chance to me, I could not have spoke without his help. I will reattempt again and this time I will definitely make him smile by my performance.

Shristi Prakash Student NIT Jamshedpur

Hi sir, Your AFCAT experience helped me at Gandhinagar AFCAT, I have attended conference and waiting for physical test schedule.

Aditya Student at KIIT

Mock Group Discussion Group Discussion

Keeping in mind the ever-increasing competition, We are here to help improve your public speaking and GD ability by making you fight in a mock gd online.

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