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Are advertisement beneficial?

“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with the desires and belief.”    By William Bernbach


Ads are an integral part of media. They are all everywhere. Just lift your head and there it is. But why there are so many ads? Why are they necessary, when they cost so much to the brands? What do they actually do?


A large sum of the finance of the brand goes into advertising. Once the product is launched, the buyers need to be aware that there is such a product in the market that can be bought under the budget.


Ads cost less than the salespersons who used to be hired in the olden days. They also reduce the work of the salesperson by saving the effort that goes into introducing the product to the buyer and also increasing the sale.


With the higher sale, the cost of mass production reduces and eventually results in a lower price of the product. This benefits both the buyer and the brand.


Also, the ads help the brands to maintain the demand in all the seasons with a little variation in the product, e.g. Hot tea and coffee in Winters. And cold tea/coffee in Summers.


They help us know that there are so many brands available for a single product which give the chance to compare and choose the best one for the use. They help us make an informed decision.


In addition to this, ads bring in sponsors to newspapers, magazines, T.V., sports events, etc. It’s the ads that allow the content providers to provide their content for free as they earn from ads.


Earlier the main goal of people was to meet their necessities. But now, the ads have made it to maintain a certain lifestyle. It affects the mindset of the people in both positive and negative ways. When they match the lifestyle shown in the ads, they feel a sense of achievement. But when they fail to do so, they start feeling inferior which affects their self-esteem and confidence.


Fake, highly photoshopped images are usually misleading. The model shown in the ads leads to body shaming in the general public. They compare themselves or the people in the surroundings with those models. In order to do that, they sometimes starve themselves or start putting harmful chemicals on their face which is highly injurious to health.


The fancy junk food ads attract kids towards them and push them to unhealthy lifestyles or lifestyle diseases like obesity. Due to the constant ads, many people fall into the trap of endless needs and they never feel or enjoy their lives.

The repetitive ads can be really disturbing while watching some interesting program or event. Even the big holdings and banners on the roads grab the attention of the drivers and can become the cause of severe accidents.


Ads sometimes fascinate people about the things that are not environment-friendly and can also be injurious to health, e.g. Room fresheners, aluminum foil, etc.


As a major part of the finance (of the brands) goes in ads, their utility decreases and also adversely affect the quality of the product. The cost of these ads adds up to the price of the product and makes it more expensive!


When the demand for goods(products) increases or decreases with the season, that leads to the wastage of national resources as the utility of the product expires before their actual period.


The expensive brands spend a lot of money on ads with celebrities but the small ones cannot afford that. This results in unequal competition in the market, e.g. Local retailers.   


Ad’s positive and negative impacts go hand in hand. So, we cannot take one side. These days some brands are spreading awareness about social issues like gender sensitivity, lifestyle, education, etc. They are also donating to trusts for child education and plantation.


With the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), the quality of ads has improved over time. They are also employing creative content makers, designers, and artists.


Author: Deeksha Verma (

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