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Brands Influence: The Brainwashing Machine

"Let's buy some branded stuffs."

"Look at his shoes, they look so cheap. He must be a middleclass. "

Many of you must have heard or seen these type of public comments online. Let's understand that why is this branded has so much value over the personality of a person. 

What is a brand?

Brand is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. It is considered as one of the most valuable and important assets of a company. Companies are known by their brand name it is inseparable from the company. It gives you an idea about the product of the company. See these brands few examples with the product they are related:

Coca-cola (beverages), Adidas, Nike, Reebok ( related to items like shoes, sports materials), Microsoft, Apple, Google (computers), Gucci, Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton (clothing brand), and so on. Must have familiarity with these brands, of course.

Effect of Brand on Consumer Behavior

It is believed by people that brands have the ability to play a role in improving the quality of life and wellbeing. Many people agree to this statement. People related brands with their self-image. According to some research, people believe that some 5% of brands makes their lives notably better as it wouldn't bother if 93% of brands disappeared entirely. This creates a whole lot of competition in the market over products. Companies spend billions in the advertisement of their brand products with brainwashing ads and graphics all over the internet. 

Consumer Perception about Brand

The whole lot of advertising is only based on the effect of planting a clear brand message in consumer's mind that they began to adopt the brand. Messages are put out to target audience constantly and everywhere. So when the consumer go to shop the message is memorable enough to get consumer's attention at first place. But in reality, the brand name is not product itself. Many times the brand products are that much worth buying than what is being told on the advertisment. And the brand that meet the customers expectations is adopted into the life of customer. Now, customer life begin to symbolise the brand. 

Like the drink the take, the sportswear type they wear, the cellphone they use or the vehicles they take. These brands come in 'favorites' of the customer's. And somehow, they also become a medium of advertisment of the brands.

Peer Influence

To many consumers, the brand their family, friends or collegues adopt become their brand of trust. Hight pricing of popular brand products helps the company to make good profit. The high price of products are justified by the popularity of the brand which is good for company but not always for weaker section of peple who want to buy branded things in the influence of their peers. It costs them to some extent. 

Brand Digitalization

With the growth in techonological era, almost everyone is able to excess good internet with digital shopping apps in them. The whole digitalization makes the advertising lot easier to reach people around globe. For example, people in china can order an apple phone made in america using a phone. Quiet impressive!!

App Effect

There comes the "App Effect" now it is lot easier for the marketer to influence a large section of people over internet. Some e-commerce apps are: Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and so on. These branded apps provides all the useful information to the consumer about the brand as well as the products sell under the brand name. A study found that an informational app sponsored by Target that offered product reviews proved to have more impact on consumer behavior and brand favorability than a game app sponsored by Gap. 

Now, almost every social media platform is being used for the large-scale advertisement of brands from insta, facebook to twitter. This business involves a lot of assests as well as liability from the quality of material served by the companies. And involvement of famous personalities for the advertisment purpose directly trigger the mind of their fans to adopt that brand even thought the celebrities are not using the brand itself. It is a lot of brainwashing the perspective of consumer about anything. And this is also a negative affect of brands on the lives of people.

Do brand rule us?

Brand do not rule over lives, but subconsciously they influence us a lot through their advertisment everywhere from a social media app to the office we work in or to the college we study in. It's company job to advertise their products in the best way it can. But judgying a peroson personality based on the image of branded things they wore or carry is not what the advertisment is about. This creates a bad influence on the self esteem of the person and influences them to pick up the standards of the branded people. Even thoght the person donot have the required resources and it is stressful. 

There is no wrong in buying branded products but making someone feel bad just because they don't have branded clothes or phone or any stuff is socially and morally wrong. Everyone has their own way of living we should not influence or pressurize or criticize anyone on the basis of their custom or brand they use.

Author : Shivani

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