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Domestic helper who turned into an Author

This is a story of a poor Indian girl named Baby. Like every girl she had dreams and expectation from life .But there was something else has written in her destiny. At the time of playing with friends, going to school and learning new things.

This girl Baby Halder who was born in one of most serene and beautiful city of India-Kashmir valley, she  was not living a peaceful life since childhood, grew up with her step mother and a heartless father  was pestered to leave her studies when she was in class 6th . Since childhood, she dreamt to be a writer one day, which was now non -viable as her parents decided to marry her when she was 12 years old.

She was shaken, when one fine day she saw lot of people decked up in customary attire in her house and she was also asked to wear beautiful clothes by her mother. She never thought of getting married at that time and then she married off to a man who was fourteen years older to her, she was so shocked and lost all the faith for her dream. For a long time she struggled in her married life with an abusive husband, with a hope that one day everything will be fine and her three children will have better life .Things started shaping when  she decided to ran away from her married life and took all the 3 kids to Delhi in 1999.

In Delhi she started to work as a house help, but faced a lot of mental pain for being a single parent. This was all ended, when one day she got an opportunity to work for a home of a writer and then she felt the love towards reading books again. For almost 4 year baby did all domestic chores here, and when nobody watching she always touch the books.

The person for whom Baby was working was a grandson of famous Indian writer Munshi Premschand his name was Professor Prabodh Kumar. When he notice the curiosity in baby towards reading and writing he gave her a diary and a pen and convince her to write about her own life, baby collected all her courage and started writing about her own life and named the book as Aalo Aandhari which means Light and Darkness, when this book published it became a bestseller and later on translated into various other languages across the world.

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