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E-learning - pros and challenges

E-learning also termed online learning is the way of learning online by the means of electronic media like mobile, pc etc. instead of using standard methods like textbooks and other written forms. The COVID pandemic of 2020 contributed to the huge advancement of online learning. Let's have an overview of the advantages and limitations of this modern method of learning :

1. Provides flexibility- Online studies provide flexibility of time and schedule as one can attend a recorded lecture at any time and anywhere.
2. Understanding- It provides better understanding of the concepts due to the help of animation videos and enhanced pictures which is quite difficult for offline lectures.
3. A boon for specially-abled people- Specially abled people can too understand the concepts easily as people with hearing disabilities can understand better with the help of animated videos and blind\visually challenged people can listen to a recorded lecture numerous times.
4. Helpful for people who live far away- People can now do distant courses from various institutions. Institutions nowadays provide almost all types of courses online without struggling to move away from their homes, all you need is a nice internet connection.
5. Comfort zone- Due to online learning, one can study being in his/her comfort zone and therefore is comfortable and can understand the concept easily.


1. Harmful for health- Prolonged exposure to digital devices can cause eye strain, headaches, and even problems like migraines.

2. Makes people lazy- Unlike offline studies, people have to sit in front of a screen for a much longer time than usual which eventually leads to obesity and makes a person lazy - "a couch potato".
3. Distracting- No one can resist the urge to scroll through the social media or watch a YouTube video "just once". This eventually becomes a routine and thus affecting the learning process.
4. Lack of motivation- Students don't have the right motivation to study on their own as teachers are not able to focus properly on every child, neither they know what is happening behind the screen.
5. Affects a person's socialising skills- Online studies do not offer social interaction of peers and friends like offline classes do therefore making a person antisocial.
6. Practical subjects need practical knowledge- Practical subjects like music, sports, gymnastics etc. cannot be taught properly online and a practical knowledge is necessary for these subjects.


-Shreshtha Agrawal

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Mock Group Discussion Group Discussion

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