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Fame is a double-edged sword

A couple of folks strives hard to become famous, while others become renowned even if they don't seek it owing to their specialists in various sectors of expertise. Fame is often a by-product of a person's accomplishments. 

But stardom has a negative underbelly. Meaning, it has both positive and bad aspects to its personality repercussions.

Beneficial outcomes of fame

If you are famous, you will have many prospects to earn money in your current sector. The growing fan base might contribute to a boost in self-confidence.

As a result of their fame, individuals may become influencers and endorse what they believe in.

The detrimental consequences of celebrity include

The private lives of celebrities are difficult to maintain secret. Continuously, celebrities have to deal with paparazzi swarms. In designed to safeguard their privacy, they may have to spend extra to remain in spectacular sunsets.

In nearly every circumstance, they will face criticism, along with how they should act. Social media trolls and criticism are a daily normal state of affairs. They're even capable of having their remarks twisted and turned into a scandal by someone else.

Some people may become melancholy if their notoriety starts to fade.

Some celebrities have no actual pals and suffer from melancholy


Some people make more money as a result of their notoriety, while others suffer from its negative effects. Others, on the other hand, use celebrity prudently and slip back into its trap.


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Mock Group Discussion Group Discussion

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