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Gender Equality at Workspace

Gender equality is a basic Human Right, it plays a very important role in the socioeconomic  growth of a sustainable society.It is also defined as when people of all gender have equal rights, responsibilities and Importance. The Countries that value Gender Equality is safer and healthier in all forms.
The only Asian country that comes in the global ranking in top 10 is “The Philippines” that have the most equal gender nation in Asia. Gender equality is not only the need of Workspace but also it should be everywhere. There are countries that are poor in gender equality like Jordan, Sri lanka, South Korea, Oman ,Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and India . There are small initiative that one can take to improve gender equality :
1. Stop Child Marriages and Sexual Harassment everywhere.
2. Proper Evaluation of Women’s Work at domestic level and workspace.
3. Make Education Gender Sensitive.
The last point plays a crucial role in making society a good and safe place for both the genders. 
Gender Equality at workspace:
In this century, a woman desires a career and a place in this world. She wants to stand on her own feet to become independent individuals irrespective of cast and creed. It is very much clear that women in all careers are striving to gain equality today. Through their determination they are now breaking the gender roles. Throughout the history, women have taken and handled the role of Housewives and nurturers. Women who look to establish careers outside the home were thought as selfish woman because of their homely nature they were often given jobs that were meaningless and never thought of as managers or professionals.
Even today, women are facing a lot of discrimination at workplace in terms of harassment, but one thing is clear, whether the problem is sexual discrimination or Sexual harassment the problem continues at workplace. In last few decade, it been seen and noticed that when India is now a hub of various Multinationals for IT and Manufacturing, companies has turned their attention to resolve and overcome these issues. Business units should introduce the policy of Equal Work and Equal Pay.
Although there are have been many improvements for women’s at workplace and this change will only happen with a change in attitudes of every individual.

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