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Impact of Covid on Education Sector

In the early stages of the covid-19 Pandemic, schools, colleges, coaching classes, and businesses had to temporarily close. Nobody expected it to be that long. Also, there is a need for a change in traditional methods at that time and Humans are not adaptable to change. They take time to adapt to it.

All of this has led to a lot of hardship in the education sector. Because they lack understanding, illiterate parents cannot guide their children regarding the importance of studying at home at that time. Also, the children who want to enjoy these so-called vacations, but for how long. They don’t know the fact that their precious time is being wasted off.

All of a sudden, online classes came their way, causing problems not only for students but teachers as well. Many students from poor families do not even own smartphones, so they cannot attend classes. On the other hand, there are students whose phones are running classes on one tab while they are playing games or watching videos on another. They have the opinion that nobody is gonna come and watch them at their home.

College Students who have this as a crucial time to make their career, Their classes were canceled at the start, Exams were postponed, Were sent to their hometowns. However, how can they grow among their parents if they are taking online classes? While if they might have the knowledge, their confidence and productivity will not increase. All this happens outside your comfort zone.

In the US alone Chinese students comprise 33.7% of foreign students and Indian students comprise 18.7%. Due to the ban on international flights, they leave the country in order to avoid being stuck in the future.

When teachers were due to be paid or after a pay cut, if they were already not earning enough, and were asked to pay at 50%, how would they be able to survive? Habitual of teaching with the board, chalk and dusters, they are forced to learn technology.

Big coaching institutes that help in preparing for JEE, NEET, SSC, UPSC charge well enough and arrange the setup for online classes quickly but what about small institutes that don’t have the emergency funds to buy the equipments, their students are leaving, their tutors are facing to earn even survival.

But the covid has realized to Smart students that self-education is the best form of education. They don’t need to be physically present in the classes to be taught by the top faculties. Neither do he has to spend lakhs in offline coachings and bare the expenses of stay also.

All of these have come all of a sudden, We‘re not prepared for it. But we have to deal with this and overcome this altogether        



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