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Modernization is not westernization

East and western have had a battle over the decades about the cultural influence over the world. The fight of superpowers to outdo each other is continued, over a long period of time. Let's see these changing cultures and the modernization relation with them.


Westernization is basically the adoption of cultures, the way of living, and practices of people of western and European countries whether it is forced or influential. the reason for this westernization is because of colonization by the Britishers, the Europeans. Almost all the countries of the world had been in colonization at some point of time in history. It began with traders and colonizers from the west who believed their way of life superior to all the other countries. In the 20th century, North America became the main exporter of western culture. Their music, movies, fashion were taken up by countries from all over the world. 


Modernization means the act of 'making something modern through modifications in the existing things.' 

The process of adopting new methods or technologies to do significant tempering of old techniques or workings towards the social, economic, and political development of the world. Colonization and migration are two important causes of modernization. The Britishers the Indian colonial masters introduced the English language in India this is a sign of modernization. They migrate to a different part of the world carrying their techniques and stuff, which refers to modernization through migration. 

Different aspects to see modernization in society are:

  • Change in way of living form old to modern luxurious living style circulated by the Britishers rule. 
  • Change in way of communication from newspaper or telegraph to phone or internet.
  • Urbanization: shifting from rural to urban land. At the time of independence of Pakistan 87% population were in villages and 13% in an urban area but nowadays 68% were rural and 32% urban, this is the sign of modernization.
  • Change in the profession. A large number of people are moving from agriculture to industries for better financial opportunities. 
  • Marketing system change from the barter system to currency.
  • Increasing literacy rate and so on.

Modernization V/S Westernization

Most people relate modernization with westernization from western countries. And this misconception resulted in the rejection of modern ideas and cultural practices of other countries like India, and other Islamic countries. Modernization is not the adoption of western culture, it is innovation in technology that includes ideas and theories which is not limited to only western countries. 

For example, the dominating AI technology emerged from China, the growing petroleum facilities in Arab countries, emerging IT companies help in raising the economy in Russia, and so on. Advance in any field of work that helps in modernization and development worldwide is not only confined to few countries ( the western countries) it is a collective effort for all other countries. So it will be so wrong if we assume modernization is just what is new in western culture. 

Westernization had influenced the world for a long time. But now situations are changing even small countries are developing themselves and contributing new advancements in this modernizing era. 

So, at last, we conclude that western is not modern. We all are modern in our own way of living, our cultures, and our relations with other people. "No less, no more."  Everyone has their own modern self so don't get influenced by the glorious, shining, illusional world and make your own modern.

Author- Shivani 


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