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Living in a sustainable environment

As humans who live on earth, we are all bound by the responsibility to take care of the planet and environmental sustainability is simply this. Environment sustainability is the responsibility to conserve nature and its resources at the same time protecting global ecosystems in the world. The US environmental protection agency defines environmental sustainability as “meeting today's needs without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs”.
It was three decades ago that the concept became popular. But just like every coin has two sides, so does sustainable development or living in such an environment. Below we shall discuss the different pros and cons of this lifestyle which will, in turn, help us understand the gravity of the situation, is it really important to adapt to such a lifestyle, and why if yes or no. 
The main factor of developing this method of living is the sole concern for the planet itself. A few years into this lifestyle will promise us a few extended years in the lifetime of our planet like every car has its fuel to keep its engine running, scientists all around the world have acclaimed the fact that this lifestyle will definitely improve the age of our planet in the long term. This so-called maybe even utopian concept is what is necessary to save the planet. It helps combat environmental deterioration in air quality and as a result, will give us better water, air and conditions to live in. indirectly it will help us control poverty situations, help build better facilities of education and health and tend to the now neglected parts of the society as we will cut down on unnecessary expenditure. As this lifestyle involves reducing the emission of gases, it directly contributes to reducing global warming and acid gases emission in the atmosphere which leads to a very low environmental impact and better surroundings for the future generation and current generation to live in. In the long term what we will be seeing will be more green areas, freshwater, and good air to breathe in and let out. Moreover, the planet will get a break to renew itself when we move into this lifestyle and that guarantees a better future for the planet and for nature. As it is a long-term plan it encourages businessmen, politicians, leaders, and the government along with its people to make plans for the long term keeping in mind to preserve, produce and use for the future too. It steps one mile ahead and does think without thinking about the profit or loss involved in the short run.  
One of the biggest challenges this scheme faces is the need for cooperation between nations. A sustainable environment is a golden future but everything like this has a drawback, the coming together of the whole world to move towards a better future will require the nations to move past borders and transcend differences which will be a difficult step to take. changing the now population's consumption, way of living, and surrounding to rebuild a new future and present can be very expensive even though it is for a good deed. The developed nations might not be suffering but the developing ones will surely find problems in taking this huge step. Half of the population of the working industry will be wiped out as factories and industries that destroy nature will have to be closed leading to further unemployment. A fragile commitment if not done right to the society will highly cost the government and nations altogether.
Hence we now know that moving to a better lifestyle in order to improve the future generations and natural resources will be a huge step for the world, with its downsides and barriers but if done right we can breathe better air and move one more step towards a better, greener, healthier future.

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