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Open-book Examination

Open book exams are a type of examination in which either student is allowed to refer to textbooks, notes, and other study materials, or they are given the exam question before the actual exam. To make sure that students are not misusing this opportunity, these exams are normally timed. The timed nature helps the examiner make sure that students have enough previous knowledge of the topic.

There are some misconceptions regarding these exams. People normally think that giving an open-book exam would be extremely easy or they see it as a chance for cheating. They also believe that students don't need to study for this type of examination. While there are some very valid concerns against the widespread implementation of open-book exams, they are not entirely useless as many may choose to call them. Open-book exams focus on a different type of learning. While regular exams challenge a person's memory, open-book exams challenge a person's understanding. Passing these exams requires understanding and quick thinking. It also eliminates mechanical learning. We define intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. There will be no use in remembering information if you don't know how to apply it.

For any student who is used to the conventional approach towards learning, the concept of open-book exams seems absurd. Some may even argue that this type of exam doesn’t make any sense and beats the whole concept of evaluation of a student’s learnings through the means of conducting an examination. But what people don't understand is that these tests focus on the development of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills over the memorization of factual information.



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