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Is it Possible to Ban Plastic?

We are totally unaware of the diseases that we are suffering from. So first we have to understand before telling anyone else. Some people know very well that how much it will harm us, But they still don't take action     

Why plastic should be banned?

  • Plastic is highly polluting the water, the land, and the animals as well.
  • It also has a negative impact on human health.
  • A lot of animals are dying because of eating plastic covers.

Problems faced by plastic

  • Plastic has ease of use but has polluted and damaged our environment significantly.
  • According to reports more than one million birds and marine animals die because of plastic.
  • We would end up losing all our marine life causing a huge ecological imbalance.
  • A lot of animals who have died have come across the shore with kilos of plastic in their stomach.
  • Every major city has several acres of landfill dump which are filled with plastic and toxins.
  • These are polluting the air, water and causing several diseases as well.

Is it possible to ban plastic?

  • It is easy to say plastic should be banned, But how?
  • When it's come to talk about plastic. But do we realize that actually we are surrounded by plastic,  whether it is Mobile phone bodies, car dashboards, packaged food, medical equipment, etc are all made of plastic because of their low cost, long durability, and high volume manufacturing.
  • We use plastic each and every single day through various products, replacing which would be extremely challenging.
  • The global market of plastics is expected to reach USD 650+billion by 2021 with the majority of the consumption in countries like China, India, and Brazil. Owing to a huge growing population, the need for using plastic at a consumer level is increasing. 
  • From packaged food to lamination to carry bags all are objects of utility

Why don't we stop using plastic?

  • Because are the alternatives of plastic that cheap or easily available or that durable.
  • A few decades back people used glass bottles for beverages which got converted to plastic PET bottles.
  • They were cheap, they could be produced easily high volume, and also easier for the consumer. 
  • Hence we would need to reintroduce older or better products to give the people an option.

What should we do?

  • We can use alternatives. We can use steel utensils and lunch boxes, we can use paper. More than 500 billion plastic bags which are used annually worldwide should be replaced by cloth bags.
  • All these small things would eventually make a difference.
  • Some measures that we can do by ourselves such as some obvious plastics items that we can avoid. let's say we can't give up on big or that things are needy. But some things that we can like polythene to cloth bags. When we buy something from the grocery or to the market.
  • We can use cloth bags or paper bags instead of polythene there are many things to do by ourselves so that we can make some changes.


 In a lot of places, plastic has been used in making roads, platforms, bricks, etc. This doesn't eliminate plastic but puts it to good use Also, people should reuse whatever plastic bottles or boxes are with them. In any situation, if we can reuse them, we should use them as the waste part of plastic materials.  That's the important thing also people should aware of that things. I remembered one thing Changes do not come just by saying we also will have to take action for that,   Then we will see changes. And it should be our own responsibility to take action. 

  Plastic is surely badly affecting our environment. Banning plastic is an important step that countries should take.

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