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Live-in Relationships

A live-in relationship refers to an arrangement where two people who are involved in a romantic relationship Live together without marriage. They may not be for everyone but that doesn't give anyone any right to disrespect and degrade this aspect of someone's relationship.

Perhaps the biggest and most important advantage of living with your partner is figuring out if you both are compatible enough for a marriage. They also live in their bubble, far away from the societal pressure faced by married couples. In a live-in relationship, couples not only share space but also responsibilities and respect. If their relationship doesn't work out, they get to take a step back without the fear of "the stamp of divorce". It gives them a feeling of freedom and independence.

Living together before marriage is still not socially acceptable in most parts of India. People believe that live-in relationships are just a cover-up for engaging in sexual activities. They are seen as breaking the Sanctity of marriage. India is still not one of the most friendly places for singles and unmarried people, especially for women. And if you are living with a person of the opposite sex outside of marriage, things are even more difficult.

The couples living together may not have gotten many positive reactions, but the courts are trying to rectify that. Couples living together without marriage are given similar rights to that of married couples. Everyone hasn't grasped the concept of this arrangement but times are changing and so are people's opinions. Being an adult, one is capable of making their own decisions and society shouldn't become a barrier to someone's happiness.

Author - Ishita Luthra


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