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Should India go Digital?

In the 21st century, the development of a country can not be imagined without the development of Information technology. With development, global goals can be achieved but also the economy.  with these goals, Digital India was launched  on 1- July 2015

The main goal to start the Digital India campaign

  • The goal of this campaign is the empower India digitally by connecting India with the Digital Revolution and the government wants to promote electronic form by reducing co-operation with this campaign. With which the common people will be able to meet Government needs in real-time with interest and mobile services.
  • Digital India is a dream scheme of government of India. The main objective of this scheme is to provide the government services to India citizens digitally and connects rural area with internet. Now in the current time when people live in the digital era, It is to go with technology as the world is going digital day by day. Individuals should learn to use digital technology in daily works such as communication, transaction, business, etc. The Government of India wants to coordinate with the common public by connecting digitally. In this way our society will become digitally empowered.
  • It is a great challenge for the government of India to educate people about the use of digital technology especially in rural areas where literacy rate is very low. Making India cashless and paperless are the main parts of digital India. Besides, many helpful apps have been launched under Digital India.
  • It is good news that people are showing interest in technology and they are very excited to learn it especially in rural areas. It has become normal for people everywhere. Thus Digital India is a great contribution from the government in the development of the country.

There are nine pillars of Digital India

  1. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity..
  2. Public Internet Access Programme.
  3. Broadband Highways.
  4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology.
  5. e-Kranti - Electronic Delivery of Services.
  6. Information for all.
  7. Electronics Manufacturing.
  8. IT for Jobs.
  9. Early Harvest Programmes

Using JAM(Jan Dhan,  Aadhar and Mobile banking) will reduce corruption, increase transparency and make financial systems more accountable and secure.


Digitalization will lead to the full Development of Broadband highways and mobile connectivity in the country, transparency in the government machinery, and employment generation in the Areas of electronics and information technology for these developments the government has made.

Digital services and literacy are the main pillars.


Digital India benefits everyone either directly or indirectly

  • Those who are aware of computer knowledge can access the internet easily and those who are not can enjoy the benefits  of others. Digital India makes life easier
  • It has benefits like. It helps in online education. Many students are able to study from home or anywhere because of digital India.
  • Those who can’t afford offline coaching because of high price, able to study just because of digital India.
  • Digital India helps in online transactions. We don’t have to stand in a bank for long. Ultimately it saves our time. 
  • We can transfer money from small gadgets at any time, Nowadays we can see anything online mode 
  • We can order anything like food and other stuff online.
  • It gets closer to friends and relatives who are so far away
  • Digital India is growing tremendously in this pandemic situation. For example, in this lockdown many people benefited through classes, work from home. Digital India is playing a very important role in everyone’s life.
  • It is good news that people are showing interest in technology and they are very excited to learn it especially in rural areas. It has become normal for people everywhere. Thus Digital India is a great contribution from the government in the development of the country.

Also, it  has some disadvantage


  • Digital India is only benefited and will benefit those people who are educated. For those people who don’t have an education and don’t familiar with the internet, it is a useless thing
  • Because digital India means creating everything in an online way. And uneducated people don’t have a knowledge of digitalization
  • And also it is useless for poor people who can’t buy expensive mobile phones or any laptop to make their lives digital.
  • It is also reducing employment. To make them digital government should spread awareness of how to access everything to uneducated or poor people
  • They should give free education for digitalization to poor children, the government should give enough employment to the needy people so they can make their lives digital if our prime minister really wants to make India digital.
  • And also those who are having education about the digital world can help uneducated people

 I dream of a Digital India where knowledge is strength and empowers the people . Narendra Modi


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