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Social media- a boon or a bane?

"Privacy is dead and social media holds the smoking gun" - Pete Cashmore

Now-a-days, living without any social media handle is almost impossible to imagine. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter are some of the most commonly used social media sites. When interacting with new people and finding old mates has become an integral part of our lives, we still cannot overlook the rising disadvantages. These sites also have their own advantages but after a complete analysis, the disadvantages surely have the upper hand. Let us look at the bleak as well as the bright side of this 'issue'.


The bright side-

  • A huge platform for advertising- With approximately 1 billion users on Instagram and other apps, advertising, reaching to the correct audience, and promoting a product is just a piece of cake for the brands. It also gives a chance to small brands and start-ups to come forward and promote their goods and services.


  •  An easy way to connect- With almost everyone being on social media, it's very easy for people to connect with their old friends and colleagues within seconds. You may live in different countries but through social media, "boom! I'm here mate!"


  • Refreshing- After a long day of heavy workload everyone would like to have some time for themselves in which they could read or see the things for their interest. Social media is the best no-cost means for this as it analyse your search and viewing activities and shows you content according to your preference.


  • Educate yourself and others- Social media is the best platform for having a glance at the current situation of the world, raise your voice towards a particular cause and therefore work for the people's welfare.


The bleak side-

  • A waste of time- While it gives you topics of your interest, on the other hand, it can consume a lot of your precious time as you might just go with the flow and may even forget about your work. A person on average spends approx 2 hours on social media and most of the time being unproductive, which is A LOT!


  • Addictive and Distracting- It can also be addictive as one might not want to leave their comfort zone and just get to work. It will continuously distract you to scroll through the feed just one more minute and you'll end up wasting an hour. For teenagers, it's a matter of concern as a teenager spends on an average of 5 hours on social media doing nothing.


  • Invades privacy- Social media is a direct threat to one's privacy. One can easily know about your personal life and access your sensitive information and pictures and use them against you. These things are rapidly growing and not all people are strong enough to raise their voice against them and end up being the victim of these incidents.


  • Too much negativity- Cyberbullying and harassment has become as common as the sun in the daytime. Whilst users do it for their fun, the victim could be sensitive and may end up being in depression and can even commit suicide.


  • Ruins reputation- One's reputation could be easily ruined by sharing false information about them and spreading it all over the internet. Celebrities are a common victim and become part of the unwanted controversies.


  • Social interaction issues- People who are social media addict generally do not have any real life friends and don't socialize much. This is a very serious issue as being lonely for a long time may deteriorate one's mental health.


These are some advantages as well as disadvantages of social media sites. However, they are not limited till here. As the usage of these sites goes on to increase, the advantages and disadvantages also keep on increasing. Just be careful about what you're using and how you're using it.


-Shreshtha Agrawal

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