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Is Social Media Actually Connecting People

Is Social Media Actually Connecting People


Pros part :-

  • It has given an opportunity for people to come over a common platform and share their thoughts.
  • It has really connected people over the internet and chat or share information, which earlier was not so easily possible. It defines the physical proximity, with the introduction of video chats and video channels, it feels like the person is present right in front of you.
  • There have been a few cases in which social media has allowed or helped old friends who were  not in contact for a long time.
  • A child needs blood urgently, just a tweet mentioning location and there, get more than a hundred donors in line, lives are interconnected because of social media
  • The hash-tag culture, which was started by Twitter, has swirled worldwide. 
  • A spark can turn into a huge fire in minutes with the power of social media.
  • People can now express their beliefs freely over these websites.
  • Social media, basically, covers computer aided tools, which allow the transaction and sharing of ideas, information, knowledge etc. 
  • Social media has instilled hope and courage. It has helped in building strength among public be it coping with cancer, be it anything else, it has generated an immense positivity, a lot of people have found a role as online motivators


  • It does help in building relationships. Many people have found their soulmates over the internet.   


Cons part:-

  • Meeting people over Facebook or twitter or some other platform has actually made people less sensitive about the actual physical meeting. Everyone is going towards the virtual world, which is not exactly the way of living for humans.
  • The world is becoming smaller every day, and is getting closer digitally but hearts have never been far out. 
  • The generation is addicted to social media, spending close to half their lives on social networking sites and this is increasing alarmingly. People have connected through however, it only enables connections 
  • The present generation would rather chat hour after hour rather than spend a quiet evening with a special few and actually connect.
  • The situation has come to this that two friends sit in the same room and yet chat with each other. Our private lives are no longer private. We no longer click pictures for memories, but to garner a certain number of likes.
  • People tend to misuse the freedom of sharing on any topic. They hurt the sentiments of a community or society, which has led to bigger issues as well.

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