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Toxic Positivity

The world is a few touches away from your fingertip. Unending access to the life of your favourite celebrities, artists, influencers, your friends and even people you might have long lost connection with- all of these in a designed application and its sea of information and data. Well since we all are in a booming world of technology we also tend to get highly affected by what we choose to like on and swipe for. Our cell phones and tablets have been trained to adapt to our likings, presenting us only with the things that are sure to catch our eye and that’s exactly why we cannot seem to stop scrolling on Instagram or watching suggested videos in a loop on YouTube.

The human mind is a complicated system and adapts to everything it sees, but how is this connected to the way in which we choose to use social media and what is its relation to toxic positivity? Toxic positivity is simply what the word means, positivity which after an extend gets toxic. Even though this miniscule of a thought might seem like a drop in the endless sea, the effect that toxic positivity has on peoples life is something we all need to talk about.

With planned and curated social media feeds and aesthetics the only thing we see are happy people living happy lives. An example of this is the way in which a radio jockey might use the “happy voice” when he/she is on air. Imagine talking like this for the rest of your life, being energetic and happy and not ever looking grumpy or having a bad day. That’s exactly what social media makes us believe when we go through the plentiful thoughtfully crafted and created feeds.

 We define toxic positivity as the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations. Influencers having seen as being highly positive of aspects in their life which often leads to all someone viewing their happy life as feeling bad or degraded about their own conditions.

 Most of us don’t want others to see the real and painful aspects of our life and us as humans are left with two options when it comes to the question of how to address this situation in social media. We can either be brave and honest about it or choose to keep it inside and only talk about our positive sides. Suppressed emotions, shame and problems are usually somethings that make us neglect the real.

 As we are in an endlessly growing and evolving world what we must not turn a blind eye to is the fact that we as humans are endlessly changing and that we must be conscious of ourselves and the things we do. Cut it out if we are putting a harsh act and trying to be positive all the time, and be more aware of the things we feel as humans and try to understand that feeling grumpy or sad is completely normal.

Author : Sreelakshmi P.

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