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Indian Villages - Our Strength or Our Weakness

Golden Bird” of a time has become a debatable topic, today. Villages have always been known for their greenery, tradition, peace, and many other related things which gives relief to one living in the hustle of the city. But the question is, “Are Indian villages strengths or weaknesses?

India being an Agro-based nation, three-fourth of its population lives in the village. Unlike the people in the cities, the people in villages lead a sustainable lifestyle. There are many other reasons which make the village a strength of our nation.

  • The villages are the food production unit of India.

  • They maintain the ecological balance in nature by practicing activities that help nature flourish. They believe that mother nature is offering them every single thing for their survival. So, it's their responsibility to take care of it like a selfless mother.

  • Authentic customs, traditions, and culture of Indians are mostly found in villages. People from all over the world can easily be seen in the villages, learning about the culture and smiling through hardship from the villagers.

  • Apart from the tourist sites, villages are the place which attracts tourists the most. With agriculture and tourism, villages contribute to a large part of the Gross Domestic Product and help in maintaining the nation’s economy.

  • People in villages are seen to be more helpful, united, and hardworking. If we keep the heavy machinery away, the villagers offer all kinds of help to each other, from food to shelter. They help each other to live happily.  

  • If we look at the large industries, villages provide skilled laborers at very low prices.

  • Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, and many such successful people have come from the villages and have set remarkable examples in front of the whole world. So, it can be said that people from the villages are bright minds and talented. They can excel easily when offered good opportunities.

BUT! Do these villages are facilitated enough so that they can become self-sufficient?

When the same villages are remembered only during the elections and are kept away from many human needs like electricity, roads, medical facilities, transportation, etc, they start to become a weakness. There are many aspects in which people suffer. Following are some of them:

  • Lack of education is the major reason for many problems in villages:

    • High rate of unemployment

    • Low Infant Mortality rate

    • They cannot avail the govt. schemes made for them

    • They fall into the traps of Landlords and life-long debts

    • They easily fall for the superstitions and people take their advantage by misguiding them.

  • Many villages are still deprived of electricity and the proper roads. In cities, we cannot even think of living without electricity or roads for an hour; but people in the village live with that electricity for few hours a day.

  • They have to travel to the cities for good medical facilities for which they don’t even have the proper transportation.

With the focus on these areas, villages can reach their maximum potential to become the Golden Bird once again. Govt. has started many schemes to curb these problems like:

  • Community Development Projects
  • Prime Minister’s Employment Generation program
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  • Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, etc

They have also initiated Rural Self Employment Training Institutes so that people can learn a particular skill and generate the source of earning for themselves. They are also learning new methods in the field of agriculture for better crops multiple times a year. Self-help groups have also been set up to provide loans on easy terms.

The work in the field by rural women has not been recognized under Labor Law or the Factory Act yet. So, with these kinds of focused steps towards rural development in India, Indian villages will become the strongest pillar of our nation as Mahatma Gandhi once said,

The future of India lies in its village”.

Author: Deeksha

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